The Tinker's Own was an Orange County-based Celtic band that began performing in 1992. Founding lead singer Dan Dwyer was killed in a motorcycle accident on Oct 15, 2004. Soon thereafter, three of the then-current Tinkers decided to move on in a new musical direction,
effectively ending the band.

Several Tinker veterans, newcomers and special guests put on a "Tinker Revival" concert at Steamers Cafe on March 20, 2005, and we hope to make this an annual event. I imagine that some of us will get together from time to time to celebrate special occasions, so if you have one in mind, please let us know. If you're a musician interested in playing with the band down the road, we'd like to hear from you, too.

The group's recordings are still available - please see the links below.

On behalf of all the musicians who have been part of the band, I would like to thank all you friends and fans for your great support over the years.

My best wishes to all of you,

Steve Dulson

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